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Ribbet has been retained by 8 80 Cities to build their online presence from scratch, including a complete redesign of the old site (www.880cities.org). This became a very large project that involved the development of two additional micro-sites for Healthiest Practice Open Streets (healthiestpracticeopenstreets.org) and K880 Emerging City Champions (emergingcitychampions.org), as well as individual logos for each.

The website contains a forum which promotes the exchange of information among members, as well as a news feed so visitors can keep up with the latest happenings at 8 80 Cities. Ribbet also created original content for the website upon launch. 

Ribbet created these dynamic sites using Joomla. They contain responsive custom designed templates with HTML5 animations throughout. Each of the micro-sites were designed to be unique in their own way, but are still tied together with the 8 80 Cities brand. 

8 80 Cities Logo
Open Streets Logo
K880 Emerging City Champions Logo
K880 Emerging City Champions Website

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